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The Board oversees the general management and control of the affairs of AAANM, particularly policy-making functions, and assurance of sound management.

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All board meetings begin at 10:00am unless otherwise noted, meetings are open to the public. For information, please call Darcia at 1-800-442-1713 or email [email protected].

David White, Emmet County
Pam Niebrzydowski, Missaukee County
Vice Chairperson
Beth Wagner, Leelanau County
Kory Hansen, Grand Traverse County
Candace Jacques, Antrim County
Bob Roelofs, Benzie County
Robert Jess, Charlevoix County
Ashlea Walter, Grand Traverse County
Rebecca Barr, Kalkaska County
Jeff Sieting, Kalkaska County
Janice McCraner, Manistee County
Jason Baughan, Wexford County

Board of Directors Meetings

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services/Aging & Adult Services Agency (AASA) TRANSMITTAL LETTER #2021-448: Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Official AASA Guidance on Open Meetings Act (OMA) Policy Waiver AASA COVID-19-111, dated April 23, 2021, states that AASA is waiving the requirement that AAA policy boards operate under the requirements of the Open Meetings Act (OMA) as specified in the Operating Standards for Area Agencies on Aging. This policy waiver is limited to support COVID-19 response. Specifically, this waiver is only applicable to the requirements of Operating Standards for Area Agencies on Aging and does not waive OMA requirements that an AAA may be subject to because of other legal or organizational considerations.

As a non-profit agency not subject to legal or organizational OMA considerations, other than that posed by AASA, as permitted by TRANSMITTAL LETTER #2021-448, and in response to current public health concerns posed by gatherings of people, AAANM will continue to hold AAANM Board of Directors meetings remotely until further notice. We encourage remote participation. Anyone wishing to give public comment will need to connect to the meeting via Zoom video and/or call in and their microphones will be muted until they are called upon. This call may be recorded.

The Zoom meeting ID and password or call-in information can be accessed by request by calling Darcia at (800) 442-1713 or email [email protected].

All meetings (unless otherwise noted) are held at 10 a.m.

Meeting Minutes are available as follows:

  • Draft Meeting Minutes – available upon request ([email protected]) within 8 business days following the meeting held
  • Approved Meeting Minutes – available upon request within 5 business days following the meeting at which the minutes are approved
  • Meeting Minutes from previous years are also available upon request ([email protected])
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