Care Management

a program that empowers individuals to live at home rather than a nursing facility. Must be 60 years of age or older, have difficulties performing activities of daily living, and need assistance coordinating with community resources.

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Getting started

An initial telephone interview is completed to determine your eligibility for the Care Management Program. If eligible, a more in-depth interview with a Supports Coordination team (nurse and social worker) will be scheduled. The purpose of the interview is to discuss your personal needs and wishes. Based on determination of eligibility and need for Care Management, a nurse and social worker team will complete an assessment of your health, environment (home safety), emotional, and social conditions. Supports Coordinators then offer non-biased information and choices for you to accept or decline.

Supports Coordinators:

  • Can help you sort through your options and arrange for needed care to help you or your loved live at home or in another setting of preference.
  • Are well-versed in local services that provide help to older adults such as transportation, home delivered meals, help with bathing, cleaning, cooking, or laundry.
  • Will provide you with an agreed upon plan of care that may include services such as meals, personal care, and relief for a caregiver. Most services are provided in the home, however valuable supports exist in the community such as adult day services, congregate meals, or transportation.
  • Help you consider all available options. You can accept or refuse all or any part of the plan.

Once services are accepted by you or your loved one, the Supports Coordinators arrange the services, checking in with you regularly to ensure that you are satisfied with the care you are receiving and to see what other needs you have. Supports Coordinators can also re-evaluate your situation and adjust as needed.

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You may be eligible for the Care Management Program if you are:

60 years of age and older.

Are currently in a nursing facility but wish to return to your own home.

Are currently living at home or the home of another but extensive services are required to make it possible for you to stay living there.

Are unable to take care of your needs; and family and friends are unable to provide all the care that is needed.

Payment for Care Management services are handled in several ways including:

Community Programs such as county millage funded services are paid for through your local County Council or Commission on Aging.

Medicare or Medicaid funded services.

AAANM funded services purchased on your behalf.

Private Insurance.

Privately paying for services or sharing in the cost of services provided.

The Supports Coordinator will help you determine how to pay for your services. If you do not have the ability to pay for all your needed care, they will help seek out other funding options when available.  Any services offered that could have a cost to you will be clearly explained and will not be arranged without your approval.

If you are placed on a waiting list one of our Access and Eligibility Specialists will help direct you to other community resources that may meet some of your needs until there is a program opening.

For more information on the Care Management program contact us at (800) 442-1713 or by email at: [email protected].

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