Older Americans Act Service Grants

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Originally enacted in 1965, the Older Americans Act (OAA) was the first federal-level initiative aimed at comprehensively addressing the need for community social services for older adults. The Act supports a range of essential home- and community-based  services—including home-delivered and congregate meals, family caregiver support, in-home assistance, preventive health services, transportation, job training, protection from abuse, and other supportive services—which help millions of older adults live as independently as possible in their homes and communities.

In addition, OAA services play a key role in preventing more costly institutional services and hospitalizations by helping people remain in their own homes and assisting family caregivers. While the program is open to all older individuals, generally defined as 60 and older,  states must target “older individuals with the greatest economic need and older individuals with the greatest social need, with particular attention to low-income minority individuals, older individuals residing in rural areas, low-income individuals, and frail individuals.”AAANM grants OAA and Older Michiganians Act (OMA) funding for certain home- and community-based services through an open and competitive request for proposals process (typically every three years).One- to three-year grant agreements are awarded to selected organizations.  Funding can vary from year to year based on availability of OAA and OMA dollars.Currently AAANM holds FY 2023-2025 OAA Grant Agreements for:

The next Request for Proposals process for awarding multi-year grants is planned for June of 2025 for FY 2026-2028 OAA Grant Agreements. Should other funding opportunities become available prior to that time, AAANM will list information here, as well as announce via local newspapers and social media.

For questions about these services please contact the AAANM Grants Manager at (231) 421-9612.















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